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Author - Phyllis Clemmons

Author - Phyllis Clemmons

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Have you ever heard the still small voice from within say, "Take your umbrella today." You decided not to obey, as no rain was forecasted and the sun was shining. Later in the day, it poured down raining and you got soaked. Do you remember thinking to yourself, Something told me to take my umbrella? Spirit to spirit is a series of short stories that tell what happens when you are listening to God and obey what He says and what happens when you are hearing the voice of the Lord but you do not obey.

Summary -  Spirit to Spirit       Price = $12   Kindle = $2.99

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Summary  -  Draw Near, My Beloved       Price = $12   Kindle = $3.99

This sixty day devotional brings a new twist to the understanding of urban catch phrases that not only sets the stage for how you view your life from a natural perspective but also from a spiritual perspective. Every reader can see a new view of the treasured nuggets each day brings straight from the heart of God to the heart of man. Each sacred moment of reading brings with it words spoken to shine a fresh beam of light into your sphere of influence and understanding in the earth. Each devotional is written to assist the reader in drawing closer to God in order to add a greater dimension of love, inspiration, encouragement, motivation and hope, not only to the reader but to every life touched by the reader, a pivotal moment in becoming your best self!

Summary  -  Asiah's Everyday Life  (Picture Poetry Book)     Price = $15

In a season of time when grandparents are becoming caregivers to their grandchildren more and more, Author Phyllis Clemmons is no exception to this assigned position. She shares with you some of her heartfelt memories with her granddaughter, Asiah that have been an inspiration to her. Phyllis hopes you too will be inspired by the common bond she shares with grandparents who have an opportunity to bless the lives of their own grandchildren. Such blessings are not a burden you owe, but a seed you are appointed to sow into the foundation of their lives. Seeds that will help to mold them into future positive leaders who will one day frame a picture of a nation, restored far beyond its former glory.

Summary  -   Wisdom Keys     Price = $10.99

Wisdom Keys and Kelsey From Pain To Triumph are Companions. I call them the dynamic duo! Walking together side by side, hand in hand through the corridors of life, predestined to unlock the secret victories that are behind each challenging and problematic door.

Summary -   From Pain to Triumph 2nd Edition     Price = $14.95   Kindle = $3.99

There is no doubt that Kelsey's life was a nightmare. Many devastating experiences occurred that would drive her to her very knees. Some experiences were due to her lack of wisdom and other experiences were simply out of her control. (Sometimes life just happens). One daunting ordeal after another would bring her to the very brink of despair, but just before she was pushed over the edge, something inside of her very soul would always rise up and declare that she was not in this fight alone and she was destined to win. Now read how the school of life has been instrumental in teaching Kelsey insights aimed to significantly diminish many of the challenges and struggles, she had to face. Insights that can be helpful to you through the awareness it brings. Insights that allow access to the secret victories locked behind the doors of every problematic relationship. A true story of hope, inspiration and encouragement for every reader!

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