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My quest is constantly one of spiritual, physical and mental progression. I strive to look better, feel better, do better and be better today more than I did yesterday and better tomorrow, more than I do today.

Phyllis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development, Management and leadership. She is passionate in ministering a Godly word of encouragement to those who are sick, discouraged, downtrodden and broken hearted. Phyllis Clemmons is a devoted wife of over 30 years. She has been an active prayer warrior and member of the prayer group, Sisters in the Spirit for over 20 years. She is also a prayer facilitator for Living Faith Community Church as well as a member of the Praise team. She has taught Sunday school overseas as well as here in the U.S. In addition to these duties, Phyllis is semi retired and works part time as an Administrative Assistant for her home Church.


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June - Aug 2017

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and learn how to be successful.

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Phyllis was a real pro on the Ms. Entrepreneur Role Model Search today (June 7, 2017). You could sense a great deal of encouragement and power to move forward. Her message of hope and faith is one which comes from one who has walked the walk and is now talking the talk.


The chemistry between Phyllis and the host was so transparent at times they were finishing each others words. Phyllis often spoke directly to the television audience with confidence and conviction. There were many on lookers sending likes and various emojis on Facebook in full support of our local author/businesswoman who is a role model Entrepreneur.


Start Where You Are.      Start, Grow & Build.

Authors and Entrepreneurs alike will benefit from learning how to make lasting lifestyle changes that improve their physical and mental well-being. After recently accepting the challenge to teach and develop others to become the best they can be, Phyllis is excited about the opportunity. Stay tuned for more details on this life changing, life giving opportunity.


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