The goal of this page is to give the public a clear view into the inner workings of my public ministry.


I desire to share my life's work with everyone who visits my website so that my work can be benefited from.


Today we can peek into the lives of others through social media and the web in ways once unimaginable. I take full responsibility for being accountable unto God with what He has ordained me to do. I hope you enjoy joining me here on the regular.

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Live interview with Author Phyllis Clemmons

Phyllis Clemmons Inspirations and Love

Asiah's Everyday Life - Picture Poetry Book

Draw Near My Beloved

Kelsey From Pain to Pain 2nd Edition

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is a book. These videos tell a story with images of a fine ministry. Check them out as much as you want.


Below you will find custom bookmarks and keychains that are available upon request.

Available Books

All books are available on Amazon

Draw Near My Beloved

 Price = $12   Kindle = $3.99

This sixty day devotional brings a new twist to the understanding of urban catch phrases that not only sets the stage for how you view your life from a natural perspective but also from a spiritual perspective.

Kelsey From Pain to Triumph 2nd Edition

 Price = $14.95   Kindle = $3.99

There is no doubt that Kelsey's life was a nightmare. Many devastating experiences occurred that would drive her to her very knees. Some experiences were due to her lack of wisdom and other experiences were simply out of her control.

Kelsey From Pain to Triumph 2nd Edition

   Price = $12   Kindle = $2.99

Have you ever heard the still small voice from within say, "Take your umbrella today." You decided not to obey, as no rain was forecasted and the sun was shining. Later in the day, it poured down raining and you got soaked. Do you remember thinking to yourself, Something told me to take my umbrella?

Wisdom Keys

  Price = $10.99

Wisdom Keys and Kelsey From Pain To Triumph are Companions. I call them the dynamic duo! Walking together side by side, hand in hand through the corridors of life, predestined to unlock the secret victories that are behind each challenging and problematic door.

Asiah's Everyday Life Picture Poetry Book

  Price = $15

In a season of time when grandparents are becoming caregivers to their grandchildren more and more, Author Phyllis Clemmons is no exception to this assigned position. She shares with you some of her heartfelt memories with her granddaughter, Asiah that have been an inspiration to her.


These are just a few of the wonderful bookmarks I have made. Just imagine reading my books or any book for that matter, and having one of these to mark where you left off. How cute!

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In a life time we will go through many keychains. Some of which will offer sentimental value, memories, small reminders of the roads we have traveled and so on. Not to mention the value they represent when given as a gift.

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Currently we are developing a custom Facebook link to embed within my site. It will allow my followers to view and comment right here and have it reflect on my Facebook page simultaneously.